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Fic: Harry Potter: Showdown

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SummaryHarry faces off with Voldemort... after poisoning Dumbledore's candies? Dark!Harry, Maunipulative!Dumbledore, Semi-Nice!Voldemort. Multiple warnings, mentioned slash DM/HP. Rewrite of Vamprisslizy's 'New Ending.'

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Fic: Twilight: Zap

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SummaryJacob is teasing Jasper when Esme pops up and Nessie makes everyone fall into laughter.

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Fic: Twilight: Forgiveness

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SummaryJasper is rendered helpless as Bella catches him alone in the house... with Edward and Alice a long ways away. What will he do? BellaXJasper Pairing. Slightly graphic lemon. One Shot. PWP.

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Fic: Glee: Ship Come True

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SummaryFuture!Klaine. In New York, Blaine proposes and someone almost mistakes them for celebrities.

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Fic: Ranma: That First Bite

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SummaryRanma's life left him with a few problems. None of them affected his art outright, of course, but still. It's all in his head. MIGHT NEVER BE UPDATED; COMPLETE FOR NOW. 

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